Steven Brownlee

The concept of Jewelry Creations Workshop began in 2003 when owner Steven Brownlee was asked to teach a class for someone he met at an art show while he was selling his work. At first, Steven declined the offer but kept the prospective student in mind. When the summer rolled around and the art shows slowed to a halt, Steven finally decided to give teaching a chance.

A slow summer, and one student later Steven found a love for sharing the knowledge of the craft he was so passionate about and realized he wanted to become a teacher. And so he went off to learn more from the best and enrolled at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco.
After completing the intensive program at the academy, Steven took classes in all areas of the jewelry trade, and at the end of 2005 gained employment with Alix and Company, an established and sensational jewelry store in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also a certified with the Jeweler of America as a bench jewelry technician.

After successful professional training and experience in San Francisco, Steven was driven to teach once again and open his very own Jewelry Creations Workshop in his hometown Miami, Florida. In 2008, Jewelry Creations Workshop opened its doors and Steven set off to create a place where students can learn the fascinating art of jewelry making.

Steven’s passion for jewelry making and his ambition to keep learning, sharing, and inspiring others to create resonate through the workshop on a daily basis. He loves to teach classes and is always happy to see a new face in the studio.

You can see more examples of Steven's work at: