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Andrea G. 

“Excellent class and Excellent teacher... I have learned a lot to get started making jewelry from scratch! Had a great time at the Fabrication and Soldering intro class.

Highly Recommended A++++++”

Wayne Werner - Visiting Instructor

“This is a well equipped studio full of positive energy and a wonderful community of makers. JCW is well worth the trip no matter where you live. Being in North Miami is wonderful in the winter and I hope to be invited back in the future.

Check it out!!”

Coco de S.

"Jewelry Creations Workshop is a gem to find in the jewelry maker's community of Miami. 

The space itself is very pleasant and work-friendly, with many machines and room to work. JCW has benches you can rent for private use but also offers beginning/intermediate/advanced classes to build your skill sets as a jewelry maker (classes are usually max 8~9 people). 

Steven's beginner's Fabrication & Soldering class has helped me out tremendously and given me the skill sets I need to start bending and soldering metal on my own. The class teaches you how to work in primarily copper and silver, with a second level class to build on what you leaned in the first 18 hour course. The coolest part is you get to leave the class with things you've made: a couple of rings and the final project, setting a stone in a pendant or ring. 

The school offers other beginner's class as well. I took the Wireworking & Beading course (one day workshop) a few weeks ago and left home with a brass pendant that we created in class from brass wire. 

For me, jewelry making is an awesome creative outlet and this establishment has helped make my dreams come true."

Walter B. 

"I completed both Fabrication & Soldering - Level 1 and 2 and I am very proud to show off the pieces I built during the workshops.

I strongly recommend taking both workshops back to back if you can, because the project that you will work on during level 2 helps solidify what you learn during Level 1. There will be lots of information coming your way. However, Steven is a very good teacher and he will make sure that you learn the proper jewelry making techniques.

I took the classes without prior knowledge and I was able to follow along quite easily. As with anything in life, in order to master you need to practice. After completing level 2 I was more confident with my work and things started to become more natural.

Cheers and happy making!"

Meesh L.

"Had a great time at the three day intro class. I felt like I learned enough to really get started making professional jewelry from scratch! Thank you!"

James C.

“I did a Corporate team building exercise where we made a ring with our corporate logo.  The class was really fun and informative.  I never imagined that I would enjoy making jewelry but I did.  The staff was laid back and gave the right amount of instruction.  I planon going back.  The space has a really fun vibe bursting with creativity.   This is an experience you will never forget.”

Dana O.

"It's been a few months since I took the intro class (plus a master class in flush setting) and I've been meaning to write a review. Steven is a gifted instructor and a true artist, I found the classes inspiring, light, fun and positive! I gained a confidence working with the different tools, and I hope to return to jewelry making in the future. If you've been meaning to take a creative course, do it - you won't regret it!"

Kevin W.

"The experience I had at JCW was better than I'd even hoped for. Steve Brownlee gave me step-by-step demos of every workflow, along with pertinent info on the tools and materials. I left each class with a wealth of knowledge and a piece of jewelry as evidence. I also took with me the philosophy of "doing" and not "over thinking" -- if it works, it's right. I strongly recommend Jewelry Creations Workshop to anyone who wants to learn jewelry fabrication from a truly knowledgeable teacher in a well-equipped environment. I plan to return for more training."

Linda Z.

"What a great class!  I learned a lot from Steve.   He is a great and generous teacher.  The workshop is great with lots of interesting tools to learn to use.   I had a great time and make a pretty good looking ring for my first try!   I definitely recommend Steve and the Jewelry Creations workshop!   I will be taking more classes here."

Patricia A.

"After finding Steven online....I had a good feeling from the start!...I was coming to him as a self taught artist, with a trillion questions!...Dissecting each question with a marker on a white board, Steven's attention to detail was exactly what I needed.  Jumping right into theory, design and construction made me understand I was in for the lesson of my life!...Steven was very patient and forgiving when I just didn't "get it".  He came up with some creative alternatives,  which lent to my learning style.  This gave me the spark of confidence that I desired to move forward....Steven gives his knowledge graciously and effortlessly; he has a way to naturally flow through life while touching others with his gift."  

Savannah I.

"I am so happy I invested in this class! Steven is a great teacher, so patient with my never ending questions but very adamant on you doing it on your own. I learned so much and walked away with some rad stuff. I took the weekend class for beginners and met some amazing and talented people in the process. I will carry this memory with me for the rest of my life, thank you for being part of the journey. 

If you're thinking about taking one of his classes but are not sure if it's worth it, it absolutely is. Take a chance & you won't regret it! Nothing but positive vibes in this studio & maybe a cute shop pup."

Lauren M.

"The classes are fantastic at any level! Hands on instruction, fun projects with take home peices hand crafted by you. Learn the basics of making fine jewelry from cut to solder to polish. Had a great time and love the jewelry I made!"

Stefanie R.

"I was excited when I bought this beginner's class as a Groupon and even more happy at the end when I completed my own silver ring. The class was interesting and informative and the instructor "Makes" you learn the steps and won't do them for you which is good. I never realized how many steps it took to make jewelry! I will say I will definitely take another series of classes to learn settings, etc. once my schedule frees up a bit. It was definitely worth the drive."