Jewelry Creations Workshop

JCW offers classes in a wide variety of jewelry making techniques for all ages. Learn to solder, set gemstones and hammer out some metal with professional instruction and individual attention. Visit our website for updated classes and schedule.

Stone Setting

This was recorded at Jewelry Creations Workshop in North Miami, Florida in the beginning of 2015. This video gives you an idea of the teaching style of Steven Brownlee, the instructor teaching the class. Steven Brownlee teaches private class, group classes and travels to teach abroad.

JCW Testimonials

Ralph Berk talks about his personal experience at JCW. Jewelry Creations Workshop is a jewelry making school in North Miami, Florida offering classes in a variety of techniques for beginners to advanced students. Ralph is one of our many talented students at JCW who joined our classes to learn how to work with sterling silver and gemstones to make jewelry.

DIY Wedding Rings

Start your lives together with a special bond. Make your own custom wedding rings in a private class using the highest quality raw materials and patient, skillful, hands-on guidance, from Director, Steven Brownlee of Jewelry Creations Workshop in Miami, FL.