Start your lives together with a special bond. 


Make your own custom wedding rings in a private class using the highest quality raw materials and patient, skillful, hands-on guidance, from one of our experienced instructors.

Begin with raw materials and forge the rings you will wear for the rest of your life. Just imagine how special it will feel to have made it yourself. This cost and time needed for this class depends on the complexity of the project. Materials are a separate fee, and because they are precious metals, depend on the design and market value of the material you choose to use.

Costs are as follows:

A pair of bands or 1 engagement ring with stone(s). 
Cost depends on the complexity and time needed to complete the projects

- Weekend Class - approximately $700 to $850 + precious materials

- Weekday Class - approximately $600 to $750 + precious materials

The fees for the workshop cover most one-day Wedding Bands or Engagement Ring workshops (occasionally on complex designs, we need more than one day, in this case we will pro-rate the extra time needed at an hourly rate).

This workshop fee includes a consultation and any follow-up sizing and re-polishing. During the consultation we review material choice, design and gemstones. We then order all materials (metal, stone, settings, etc…) needed to make the rings and charge you just for the material used on the day of the workshop (without any mark-up). Note that the precious metal market changes daily; we are glad to give you a quote (and pride ourselves on being extremely accurate) but we can't however, guarantee the exact price until the material is ordered. We do recommend that this consultation is scheduled at least two weeks before the date of the class, whenever possible.