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Keum-boo Lecture and Demo with Charles Lewton-Brain

Keum-boo Lecture and Demo
3 hours - April 5th, 6:30-9:30pm

Instructor: Charles Lewton-Brain

In this 3 hour lecture and demo, learn how to easily hot burnish 24K gold foil onto silver objects. This incredibly simple designing technique was re-introduced to the West from Korea in the last ten years. It lets you apply 24k yellow gold shapes onto silver sheet to be used for later construction, onto finished silver objects, on any gold alloy, platinum and palladium. The white silver/gold alloy Electrum can be used the same way, and with liver of sulfur provides options for yellow, white and black on the same silver object. This is a really rapid, easy method of adding the richness of 24k gold to silver and gold objects.  Other metals work as well as a base to apply the gold to.

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