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Chasing & Repousse - Fabrizio Aqcuafresca

Chasing & Repousse in the Italian Style with Fabrizio Aqcuafresca

Under the careful tutelage of the Italian master Fabrizio Acquafresca, learn Chasing and Repoussé in the Italian style. Through the proper use of various specialized tools, students study and implement the classical Italian approach to transforming sheet metal into reliefs and other works of art. Students will begin with a dragonfly relief, but should
also come prepared with jewelry designs of their own choosing. These designs may contain fruit, floral patterns or abstract images to realize in metal. This course has no prerequisites and is open to students of all levels.

This course will consist of five days lessons, of which the first lesson will involve an introduction to the course and the use of the tools, followed by illustration and selection of the different materials.
Students then begin the practical execution through an assigned project; creating a dragonfly.

The other 4 day lessons are structured to allow students to bring their own design idea and develop them all the way through to completed pieces of jewelry. It is possible for students to create several pieces, depending on the complexity of their projects and the student's individual work-rate. Anything may be created, including bracelets, earrings and pendants; the possibilities are

During the course, students will receive a lot of one on one attention as Fabrizio visits everyone individually.

Students are asked to document a journal of their progress throughout the lessons, consisting of pictures of the work they create and step-by- step descriptions of what they learned. This is to be presented on paper and contained within a file.

Please consider that the contents of individual classes may be changed throughout the course according to the class progress.