Private classes


Private classes 

Private classes are tailored to your needs.  Classes are one on one when you feel you would like 100% of the attention on you and your projects, or you can arrange a small class for a group of friend or colleagues. We can schedule classes almost anytime of the day and works around the students times of availability.  

Classes are for beginners through advanced students in any of the techniques listed on the website, and more.  Many students come in with specific projects in mind, or ideas that they would like to bring to life and we work together to make it happen.  If you don't see the class that you are looking for, contact us and we will do our best to find an instructor that teaches the skills you would like to learn.     

Prices depend on the instructor and technique. 2 hour minimum per meeting and up to 6 hours in one day. 

Steven Brownlee -
$85 per hour (one student)
$110 per hour (two students)

Natasha Miller -
$65 per hour (one student)
$90 per hour (two students)

Coco De Salazar -
$55 per hour (one student)
$85 per hour (two students)

Tracey Carswell -
$50 per hour (one student)
$80 per hour (two students)