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JILL Hurant

Ask Jill how she became a jewelry designer and teacher and she will tell you it was purely by chance! She's always had the need to do something with a creative edge and she has worked in many mediums. In the mid 90โ€™s she met a woman who was taking classical Etruscan jewelry classes and she convinced Jill to give it a try. The rest, as they say, is history!

From 2001-2016 she traveled the country doing high end craft shows and loved every minute. About 11 years ago she was asked to teach a class at the Newark Museum of Art arts workshop and she has been teaching non stop ever since. She is so blessed, as how many people can say they get up everyday and look forward to doing what they do?

Jill has been fortunate to have been a Rio Grande Saul Bell Finalist, Niche award finalist and won the Carol Duke Award at the Bellevue Arts Museum as well as other best of show awards. Her work has been featured in Lark books 1000 Rings, The Art and Craft of Making Jewelry, Chain Mail Jewelry, Contemporary Designs from Classic Techniques, and 500 Gemstones. Her work has also appeared in print in articles in Art Jewelry and Jewelry Artist.