Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller started her career in jewelry making while at the University of Michigan of Art and Design. As a Painter and 2D Artist, she quickly became fascinated in manipulating metals from 2D into 3D form after a metal working class in school.

Natasha finds herself drawn towards lines and geometric patterns and loves all the “tedious little things” in metal working. She gained a passion for large scale lockets with their own narrative inside and outside. Since moving to Miami, Natasha has made Jewelry Creations Workshop her home studio.

Natasha passionately teaches Beginning Fabrication and Soldering classes at JCW. Her favorite part about teaching Jewelry Making is to see her student feeling accomplished and happy with their work and the experience they’ve had, especially when her students are surprised with what materials can do and how they are unlocking their own creative path.


Some of Natasha’s shows include:

Slusser Gallery - Table vs. Chair Furniture – 2012

Slusser Gallery - All Student Show- 2011

Permanent Collection University of Michigan Hospital 2010 Synthesis: the 2012 A&D senior show

You and I are Love Art Basel show 2014