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Manuel coya tano

Manuel Coya Tano was born in Havana, Cuba, into a family of metal workers. He began his journey into the world of jewelry making at the young age of 14 when he made his first die. He moved to the United States where he continued to build his resume. During his late teenage years he worked under a master diamond setter, where he first learned how to manipulate carving wax.

Manuel’s skill grew while apprenticing under various jewelers. He then opened his own wax carving wholesale company where he created entire lines of jewelry for clients. By the time he was 24, Manuel had already built a name for himself in the jewelry industry. He decided to go back to school to widen the breadth of his techniques and skill working under a high-end jeweler.

Manuel worked as the Supervisor of Design and Model Making at Design Craft Jewelry Manufacturing, Co. He later moved to Florida where he worked for Loren Casting as the head of their design department, supervising the creation of models, molds and castings.

Currently, Manuel is self-employed, doing what he loves, while also doing consulting work on the side. It’s been a dream of his to teach others about the jewelry industry along with the craft itself. Manuel is extremely grateful for the opportunity to teach at the Jewelry Creations Workshop and share the knowledge he’s accumulated over the years with budding jewelers.