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Lisa bauer

Lisa Bauer's journey into jewelry began in early 2010 when she was inspired by a young girl making colorful, beaded bracelets. Experimenting with colors, shapes and arrangements was just the beginning, as the door to a whole new world of creativity began to open. Having grown up playing classical piano and
enjoying sketching in charcoal, Lisa was no stranger to art, and jewelry was now new avenue of expression.
What started as a hobby soon became an unexpected opportunity, as the economic downturn brought about an equally-unexpected career change. Pulling together her courage and resources, Lisa used the opportunity to build a small business and take her skills to the next level. Reading and absorbing numerous books and videos, she dove into metalsmithing and found her true calling working with silver.
Lisa's style is greatly influenced by the Southwestern and Native American cultures, as well as science fiction and fantasy. She is currently studying the art of metal stamping and design, and has discovered a passion for turquoise.
Lisa believes that the desire to learn a craft should not be muted for lack of opportunity, and she embraces the chance to help others find their creative voice in metalsmithing.