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Coco de salazar

Coco De Salazar first began her work as a metalsmith at Miami Dade College in 2011 while simultaneously studying photography and painting. Always passionate about fine arts, learning to move metal in three dimensions took her art to the next level. She began taking classes with Steven Brownlee in 2016 at Jewelry Creations Workshop in Miami, setting up her bench in the workspace and taking a variety of classes at all skill levels.  

De Salazar's interest in jewelry making first peaked because of her passion for adorning oneself in beautiful things, and she feels that wearing objects one makes is a powerful expression of self love. Her jewelry designs focus on aspects of astrology, incorporating suns and half-moons into many of her pieces. She is heavily drawn towards chain making, and experiments with differently styled chains and chainmaille, working with sterling silver.

De Salazar is currently a gallerist at Manolis Projects in Little Haiti, and has a private studio where she constructs her jewelry creations. In addition, she teaches Fabrication and Soldering as well as Wire Working and Beading classes at JCW in North Miami. She enjoys sharing her love for jewelry making with her students and the art of exploring oneโ€™s creative mind.