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Master Class - 21 hours total

Instructor: Wayne Warner

Tuition: $480
Materials Kit: $45 - paid to instructor

Experience the beauty of working with “Mokume Gane” a Japanese Metalsmithing technique that literally translates into “eye of the wood”.  This process manipulates multi-layered billets of different color metals by punching and grinding to produce amazing patterns and textures that resemble wood, smoke, and sedimentary layers.

Students will receive a laminated stack of copper and brass, and copper and silver, to be manipulated by punching, forging, twisting and filing to expose a pattern. The patterned pieces of metal can be used to create a simple pendant, earrings, or cuff. Some students may wish to use their patterned material in other metalsmithing projects at a later date. This is an intro class, however, even tenured masters and experienced metalsmiths will be challenged and enlightened. The instructor will supply the billets to be used. Due to time and studio constraints fusing and soldering billets will not be covered.

This class is open to all skill levels. The instructor will cater to all expectations and limitations.


You can never bring too many tools from home and it is nice to use things that you are familiar with. The instructor will have many of these tools on hand to be SHARED by the class, however, if you have them, please bring them.

Students should bring a basic tool kit that includes: saw frame and blades, a few files, some sandpaper in 600 and 400 grit, sanding sticks, and a scribe or sharpie to mark metal for cutting. Hand tools like pliers and a small hammer will be useful. If you have a steel block, an old hammer, a planishing hammer, and some punches please bring them.

If students have a collection of metal they should also bring that along. It is always nice to have some brass or bronze (new gold) to use as a backing for their Mokume. Because we are using brass and copper, it is not advisable to have the material in contact with your skin, it may turn color. Silver is a wonderful material to have on hand to use as a backing for a bracelet or a pair of earrings, that will be up to the students. A piece of silver 6 inches long by 1 inch wide that is 18-20 gauge will be perfect for a cuff bracelet with a Mokume top.  Again, the instructor will have some extra metal on hand for purchase.


A basic materials fee of $45 is payable to the instructor for billets to be patterned made of brass and copper, as well as copper and silver. We will be using materials that are 16 gauge, ¼ inch and 6mm rod. It will be rolled through a mill as it is patterned so it gets thinner and longer and can be used for many projects either in class or at a latter date in your own studio. 

The materials fee includes some sand paper, burs, finishing wheels and other consumables that are for use while in the workshop. Also there will be a bin of base metal like bronze, brass and copper to back your patterned metal. This is offered to the students for use in small projects.

*Note….students may also bring other billets that they purchase themselves from reactive metals, Rio Grande, or any other source, however, the instructor will have extra.