Amy werba

Amy Werba is a Miami artist who has been designing jewelry since 2004. 

Several years after her father passed away, she found some wire-wrapped beads and decided to mix it with some fresh-water pearls from the bead collection she inherited. A nice bracelet and earrings resulted from this experiment and from there her interest in jewelry design grew.

In 2007, she was offered a position at a community center, teaching Jewelry Design. Over the next few years she added Jewelry Design Classes at 3 other adult centers. As a result of her teaching experience, her skills expanded. Amy’s creations specialize in various design techniques including wirework, stringing, beadweaving, kumihimo and polymer clay creation

Prior to her jewelry design career, she worked as a computer programmer at several large corporations in Miami. Today, she teaches Jewelry Design (and Crochet) classes in the Miami area. When she is not designing jewelry or teaching , she spends timepainting, growing orchids, exploring national parks, birdwatching and working to protect the environment.